Search for the 3 Israeli Teenagers ends in Grief

Eyal - Gilad - Naftali

The kidnapping and the murder of the three Israeli youngsters is a crime and deserves our strongest condemnation.

I share the sorrow of the parents and the families and of all those who are horrified by this crime which should be punished.

I just read the comment of Ury Avnery, former Knesset member and Israeli peace activist. It expresses my feelings.

I would like to share this with my friends and readers.

At the end of the day, we all knows that only peace between the Israeli and the Palestinian peoples can end the tragic cycle of horrors.


Avnery: The kidnapping and murder – a crime deserving of all condemnation.

 Also and especially now, it must be said that only peace can end bloodshed.


“The kidnapping and murder of three boys is a crime deserving all condemnation”, says former Knesset Member Uri Avnery of Gush Shalom.

“No political cause can justify such an act, and among other things the perpetrators caused grave damage to the Palestinian people.

The three boys now join the very long and terrible list of victims, members of both peoples, who were killed in the cause of a bloody conflict which has already lasted for more than a century.

Also and especially on this harsh and tragic moment, it must be said: only the achievement of peace between enemies can end conflicts and put a stop to bloodshed.

It is a stormy moment, when inflammatory cries are made for revenge and the landing of a blow on the other side. It would be a grave mistake for the State of Israel to take such a route, which would lead only to bloodshed and more bloodshed, revenge and counter-revenge and counter-counter-revenge.

Only peace between Israelis and Palestinians, between the existing state of Israel and the state of Palestine which will arise at its side, bears the hope that these three boys will be the last victims.”

L’enlèvement et le meurtre des trois adolescents israéliens est un crime et mérite notre ferme condamnation.

Et maintenant plus que jamais, il faut rappeler que seule la paix  peut mettre un terme à ce bain de sang.


Je partage la douleur des parents et des familles ainsi que celle de tous ceux qui sont bouleversés par ce crime qui doit être puni.

Je viens de lire le commentaire de Ury Avnery, ancien membre de la Knesset et activiste pour la paix.

Il exprime exactement ce que je ressens.

Je veux le partager avec mes amis et lecteurs.

In fine, nous savons tous que seule la paix entre les peuples israélien et palestinien peut mettre fin au cycle tragique des morts et des victimes.